PhotoOp will be an online platform where people can be connected with vetted professional photographers. 

Instead of submitting a brief and waiting to see which photographer is interested, simply filter the photographers by type of photography, cost, date of availability and location. 


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Choose from the photographers who met your criteria by reviewing their work, and by seeing how other people have rated their services.


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When you're ready, just send a request to book the photographer through our internal communications platform. Once they've accepted, you're set. All done. 

All scheduling, invoicing & payment is taken care of through the PhotoOp system. 

How does PhotoOp make money? We take 15% of every transaction - 12% service fee + 3% credit card processing. 

Photographers don't pay to be listed, clients don't pay to submit a brief. Win-Win! 

Sign-up below & we'll keep you in the loop with our progress, as well as give you (very) sporadic updates from our super informative blog, the PhotoOp Journal.